Give the cuticles the TLC they need with these foolproof tips


Cuticles- the delicate skin around the nail bed wields great power over the overall nail health as it covers the delicate Lunula area of the nail. So cuticle care is very important for good, healthy nails. Some say moisturising is the best way to keep them healthy, while others like to snip them off. With the Russian manicure gaining popularity, people are wondering if they need cuticles or not. StyleSpeak clears all myths and notions about cuticles and gives a foolproof way of looking after the cuticles for sustained nail health.

What is a Cuticle?

Most of us have heard the word cuticle every time, but not many know what exactly it is. The cuticle is a thin layer of skin around the nail plate. This dead layer of skin rims the nail bed and works as a barrier for the growing nail so that no bacterial infection occurs as the nails grow. Hence, it is of utmost importance to take good care of the cuticle.

To Cut or not to Cut – The Big Dilemma

It is always a big dilemma whether this dead skin should be cut out completely or not. The answer is both yes and no. The cuticles have an important role, so you should not peel them off completely, or else any kind of bacteria and dirt could seep into the nail bed, causing infection. At the same time, having too much of dead skin around the nails can be annoying. So it is best to push back and clip the dry, excess dead skin hanging off the cuticles. That’s why during manicures, nail experts are seen trimming only the extremely dry skin.

Foolproof Way to Care for the Cuticles

Trained nail experts deal with cuticles gingerly without exposing the nails. Here are the must-follow steps to groom those delicate fingertips with care:

  1. Remove the old nail paint and apply cuticle remover to the nails. Soak the nails in a bowl of warm water in order to soften the dead skin. Pat dry the hands and nails after the nails have become soft.
    1. Use an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher to scrape out the softened cuticles.

    1. Never push back the cuticles too much, as they are the only barrier that protects the nails from unwanted dirt and grime.
    2. Use cuticle oil after the manicure to keep the cuticles soft and supple. Recommend the same to your clients at home too. Using cuticle oil as part of the daily routine will keep the cuticles hydrated and nourished.

    1. Try nail slugging, a popular technique that uses petroleum-like moisturiser over the cuticle cream or oil to keep the moisture intact.

Give the cuticles the TLC they deserve. They protect the nails from infection and bacteria. With these tips and tricks, the nail beds will always be soft and supple, without a fray in sight. Remember, healthy cuticles result in happy nails.



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