StyleSpeak brings the hottest and boldest eye make-up looks which are setting the trend.

The cooler temperatures of winter brings opportunity to experiment with colours, especially for eye make-up. It is time to up the fashion quotient by going bold and fearless – from the ultra-chic mismatched eyeshadow, cool neon look to vibrant red smokey eyes. StyleSpeak brings you the biggest and boldest eye make-up trends of 2020 that are worth trying this festive season.

Mismatched Shadow

Make-up is an art and expression to showcase your mood and creative side. This season move beyond the safe game as it is time to break out of the mundane cat-eye or the winged look.

The mismatched eyeshadow trend set the ball rolling, becoming an internet sensation. The idea is to slowly get your client out of her comfort zone and experiment with a different shade on each eye to start with, and gradually build your way up. Some of the popular and growing mismatched eyeshadow trends are neon (yellow and green), pastel (purple and orange), glossy (blue and orange), cream and glitter (any two contrasting shades).

Flamboyant Lower-Lashes

Floating eyeliner has been the top favourite of all eye make-up looks. Taking up a notch higher is the new colourful lower-lash eyeliner which makes a come-back in an edgy, ultra-chic and contemporary avatar.

The trick is to focus on your lower lashes and fill it with a creamy colourful shade of eyeliner like blue, red or green. To add volume, coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara and let the magic unfold. Try out this super-amazing make-up trend on your client to add a fun element.

Neon Eyes

Eye make-up trends are not just about bold, shimmer and glitter. For clients preferring minimalism or muted eye make-up, the neon make-up trend is just for them. It is easy, eye-catchy and will uplift the mood instantly.

All you got to do is take a neon-tinted eyeliner and eyeshadow to keep it cool and light. Another option is to just fill in the corners of the eyes with subtle neon shades. Either way, she will get a gorgeous minimalist makeover that suits and complements her personality.

Red Smoky Eyes

You can never go wrong with smoky eyes but it is time to spice things up with this trend. Move over, the routine black smoky eye look. For the bold and beautiful, Red is the new Black! Go glamorous and stylish with ruby-red smoky eyes. It certainly is making waves in with its powerful impact. Looks like these statement eyes will be even more popular and dramatic than bold red lips.

Two-Toned Liner

Let the eyes do all the talking with a glamorous two-toned eyeliner. Give a quirky twist to your regular eyeliner by doubling the fun element and shades. For instance, add glittery golden eyeliner and finish it with a black eyeliner for intense drama. Similarly, you can play with any other two shades of eyeliners to spice up the look. Why to experiment with one hue when you can play with two colours and rock the show?

Bedazzling Eyes

If you like to push the envelope when it comes to experimenting with eye make-up trends and looks, then this one is just right for you. A runway favourite, this look includes graphic lines and gold studs or candy pastels across eyelids. You can have a similar shade of glitter eyeshadow to amplify the dramatic look of your eyes. It is fierce, daring and gives an edgy look to the eyes and is certainly one of the most talked-about trends in the fashion shows.

So, what are you waiting for? Brush up your eye make-up skills and get ready to dazzle with stunning and quirky eye make-up trends.