StyleSpeak brings you a sneak peek into the creation of the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2024.

Hairstylists and fashionistas alike look forward to Schwarzkopf’s annual extravaganza – Essential Looks every year! And, every year, EL unveils the different hair trends which will rule fashion around the world.  The three trends of EL Collection 2024 are ‘The Optimist’, ‘New Realities’ and ‘Daring Crowd’. This year, StyleSpeak got an exclusive opportunity to get a pre-launch interview with the Schwarzkopf HAK team on the creation of the EL 2024 looks.

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the final rehearsals of the big launch show we sat down with the 3 members of the Hair Artist Kollectiv Vaishaki Haria, Ryan D’Rozario, and Deepak Jalhan to ask them about EL 2024, and their interpretation of their international trends for the Indian customer.

We bring you the conversation with these passionate artistes:

Vaishaki Haria -The Optimist

The Optimists emanates from hope, creativity, and versatile, genderless cuts with nostalgic colours, highlighted by the easy-to-maintain Lived-In Blonde trend drop.


The Optimist is inspired by the younger generation which is optimistic. They are more welcoming, inclusive, accept different kinds of cultures and they are very comfortable in their own skin.

Techniques and products:

We have used very simple techniques that can be used in the salon. My favourite products are OSIS Velvet and OSIS Grip. The technique is mostly free hand, but structured so it can be replicated by stylists.

Tips for creating the look on a client:

We have to commercialize it to create the look on a client. I used vivid tones on the models and collection and the same techniques can be used by using commercial colours and can be used on the client and the clients would definitely love it.

Adapt the look to the country:

Considering the exposure that we have today and the acceptance levels that our country has adapted, all we have to do is match our body types and hair types.

Type of hair this look is suitable for:

The look and techniques can be adapted for all hair types and clients.

Ryan D’ Rosario – New Realities

New Realities embraces bold, experimental looks with sharp cuts and neon, electric, and metallic tones.


There is a term called phygital – the infusion of the real and digital world. The Inspiration is a great mix between real world textures, metallic colours and natural forms.

Products:    We worked on straighter textures in New Realities and used Supershield by OSIS for heat protection. I am a big fan of heat protectors which people don’t use much in India. Another product I used was Glow. It is a mild serum that gives great shine and it makes the hair malleable and soft. Apart from these two products, I have used Elastic which is a hair spray that gives a lot of movement.

Adapt the look to the country:

This look works perfectly for Indian hair types, especially curly and fine hair, and even without a fringe. It also has a great growing pattern.

Tips to recreate the look on a client:

Scooping is a great way to create the look on a client. Scooping is a layering method which includes texturing the hair from inside in a way the layers are uncountable.

Deepak Jalhan – Daring Crowd

The Daring Crowd pushes boundaries with statement hairstyles, unconventional silhouettes, and textured curls, waves, and braids.

The Look:

Daring Crowd is something that is out of the box. It is for people who are comfortable in their own skin but still want to do something that is daring and have more fun at the same time. It’s not a regular colour or styling that we do. This is more brave, bold and fearless.


I like to work with more texture. That is my inspiration because I would like to work with more texture. So the technique is go with the flow and easy to achieve.


The look is more for the Gen Zs, for people who like change frequently. Boldness and something new. Everything is so fast and changeable.

Hair type this look is suitable for:

It can work on Indian hair types from wavy to curly. It works better with mid-length hair and textured hair.

Products:OSIS + Glow, Texture Craft & Elastic