StyleSpeak brings you 9 nail looks to help you create pretty Valentine- themed nails

Everyone wants to look just perfect for their Valentine’s Day date. The need to be beautifully groomed – from head to toe includes the nails of course!The most visible part of the body after the face, nails can reflect the season, occasion, or even the mood of your client.

Here are some beautiful nailtransformation ideas:

Heart French manicure

French manicures have always been among the most-loved nail looks. This Heart French manicure has little red hearts at the nail tips. This adds a modern, valentine-themed twist to the classic French manitrend. The look is a French manicure but instead of white tips, bowed heart shapes are created at the nail tips. Replacing the white tips with red hearts gives the look a romantic yet elegant feel.

Viva Magenta Chrome nails

Chrome nails have been in trend throughout 2022 and the trend continues to stand strong in 2023 as well. These glossy nails in Pantone’s Colour of the Year- Viva Magenta, are the perfect match! Viva Magenta is a bold and lively colour that leans towards a red hue. Chrome nails add a glassy, shiny effect to the bright colour.

Minimalistic Two-toned french Hearts

Two-toned French sees not one but two shades on the tip of the nails. The Minimalistic Two-toned French hearts has baby pink and red tips on glossy, transparent nails. The nails are kept short to add to the minimalistic effect and tiny, cute, red hearts are made in the central region of each nail. The hearts are just the valentine touch these nails needed.

Love moon nails

The half-moon or reversed French trend has been one of the trendiest nails seen in 2022 and they continue to go big in 2023. The reversed French usually sees a half-moon shape that is created at the beginning of each nail and the tips are coloured in desired shades. The Love moon nails see a heart shape near the bottom instead. The nails are thengiven an almond shape so as to get the heart shape.

Y2K Nails

Y2K heart nails came back in 2021 and these vibrant nails are going strong in 2023. These nails have bubbly hearts in such colour combinations

that it gives the hearts a dreamy effect. A smaller heart is surrounded with a bigger heart which is then surrounded with even bigger heart. The number of heart layers depends on the proximity of the heart layers and the nail/design size. These nails are perfect for a dreamy and romantic valentine date.

Airbrushed Hearts

The airbrushed nails are sprayed using a gun rather than painting the pattern on the nails. The airbrushed hearts have red nails with pink hearts which have been given a white outline. The nails also see some hint of golden sprinkled unevenly on the nails.These nails have an Ombre effect and give off a soft, flirtatious vibe which is perfect for Valentines Day!

Heart Piercings

Nail piercings were back in trend towards the end of 2022 and are still making its way to the trend list. Nail piercings hold the power to elevate even a simple manicure and make the nails eye catching. The vibe of the nails is decided depending on the kind of embellishment used. If you want to create a minimalistic, last-minute look for your client’s valentine date, keep heart embellishments handy for a minimalistic heart piercing look.

Cut out heart nails

These nails were created by the manicurist Jessica Washick who played with negative space to give nails the heart shaped design. A blood red colour has been used to paint around the nails in a way that the central part forms bare hearts. The hearts are transparent while the borders contain colour. This gives the nails a cut out effect and thus the name, Cut out heart nails. The nails are kept short and have a glossy effect.

Pop art heart nails

Pop art nails have designs inspired by comic books. The nails are also known as cartoon nails. The nails are given a 3D effect and characters are drawn just as they appear in the comic books. The designs on the nails mimic comic book drawings. For these nails, simply the desired comic book drawing or animated film characters need to be selected and then mimicked. For Valentines Day, a romantic, flirtatious adaptation of the characters can be created or romantic scenes from the comics, animated films can be re-created on the nails.

Create these trendy, beautiful nail looks to help your clients get ready for their Valentines Day date. These 9 looks will help glam up your client’s nails and set the romantic mood perfect for every date.