The period around lockdown has been daunting for most of people around the world. The ‘new normal’ demanded many of them to work from home for a long hours resulting in stress and fatigue. The

excessive use of mobile phones, television, computers, etc. has taken a serious toll on the eyes. As spas and salons around the world have opened up, now is the good time to restore eye health. Clients can now soothe their eyes and ease the tiredness by pampering them through various wonderful treatments and facials.

Here are some treatments that nurture their eyes and refresh them.

You can suggest your guests at the salon to try this painless and refreshing facial. This treatment
involves microcurrent machines with low voltage electricity to stimulate the skin around the eyes and
forehead. It helps lighten up the area around the eyes which allows the face to look more youthful. It also gets rid of the puffiness around the eyes.

WHERE: Veronica Skin & Body Care Center in Malibu, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami


This facial is perfect for those who are looking for anti-ageing treatment for the eyes. Retinol peels used during this facial helps get rid of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. This treatment increases the overall luminosity of the skin, enhancing the skin softness.

WHERE: Veronica Skin & Body Care Center in Malibu, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami


One of the advanced treatments to reduce the heaviness around eyes is by using radio frequency.
It helps lift the brows, forms new collagen and works on sagginess of lids. The treatment is painless and
needs more than just one sitting for best results.

WHERE: NHC Med Spa Skin Clinic in London, Skingenious in Mumbai


This popular treatment picked by the clients helps clear out under eye dark circles. The treatment
is done using Ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree, an herb from China. It particularly assists in
reducing the puffiness around the eyes. At the same time, the usage of Vitamin C here adds
brightness and lightness to the eyes.

WHERE: Looks Family Salon & Spa in Hyderabad, Dyanna Spa in New York City


This eye treatment specifically works like magic with the delicate area surrounding the eyes. A blend of hydrogel patch concentrated in red vine, horse chestnut & ivy leaf soothes the eye area as well brightens it. Through this process, the eyes get lifted and the dark circles get erased giving clients a
rejuvenated look.

WHERE: Sheldon Spa in Kent-United Kingdom, Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge


The well-known Chinese eye treatment is helpful in removing the lymphatic fluid from around the eye area. The technique is executed with a neat study of facial anatomy as well as the lymphatic pathways. Flat gua sha stones are particularly used while treating clients’ eyes by massaging and scraping out
the unwanted skin around the eyes. This treatment is perfect for people having dark circle and dry-eye woes.

WHERE: SkinLab-The Medical Spa in Singapore, Indulge Skin & Body Lab in Singapore


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is the best one for clients who want to avoid surgical options to
treat under eye bags. The process starts with experts using anesthetic cream to draw the client’s blood
and bifurcating platelet-rich plasma. Apart from removing eye bags, this treatment helps strengthen the weak collagen and elastin in the skin. It also clears puffiness around the eyes giving an overall relaxation to the eyes. Model Kim Kardashian tried this facial too.

WHERE: Skinique Med Spa & Wellness in Texas, Face Spa in Mumbai

These were some of the globally prominent eye treatments that are opted by the customers to provide relief to the tired eyes. Not just spa treatments but certain professional products too are equally useful to ease your clients’ eye related worries. These products can come handy while helping out your customers taking care of their eyes.

Dermalogica Total eye care SPF 15 cream
It helps conceal the dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes. The alpha hydroxy acids and plant extracts in the cream also nurses the eye-puffiness. The cream can be used to avoid the damage caused by sun as well.

Casmara Eye Correct
It is a total eye care solution which tackles specific and afflicted eye areas. The product not only helps eyes be healthier but also younger. It helps in treating eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles. Casmara is a unisex product that fills minor wrinkles, and deeply moisturises the skin as well.

Jeannot Ceuticals Ultra Bright Eye Contour
The eye cream is made with a formula containing vitamin C and orange blossom water. The illuminating cream has multiple benefits like making skin firm, softening wrinkles, restoring shine to the eye contour.
The need to tend to eye care has become important now than ever before. Take cues from these eye treatments to inspire your clients to have a better eye health. .

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