Indian actress Disha Patani has bagged a partnership with Insight Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand. The vision of celebrating natural beauty and advocating skin health made this collaboration a reality.

Disha will not only endorse but also play a crucial role in curating Insight’s upcoming skincare range. Through this partnership, Disha desires to inspire individuals to prioritise their skin health and embrace their inner beauty. The actress found resonance in the brand’s core values that aligns with her personal beliefs about beauty. She feels true beauty lies in embracing one’s natural beauty and taking care of the skin. Through this collaboration, she wishes to motivate people across the nation to adopt a skincare routine that suits their skin type and boosts their self-confidence.

Insight Cosmetics, a brand that has already gained buyers in over 20 states of India, aims to expand its presence even further with this collaboration. Mihir Jain, the Managing Director has set his sights on reaching a wider audience with Disha’s goal to spread the message of effective skincare to individuals with different skin types.