The 2023 edition of the Black Entertainment Television Awards have just concluded, and like every year, a number of outstanding hair and beauty looks were rocked by the celebs. Many creative hair and makeup looks were seen at this year’s BET Awards and we have listed down 5 of the best celebrity looks that topped both the hair and makeup charts.

Here are the 5 best looks spotted at BET Awards 2023: 


Lakeyah looked gorgeous in her sequinned black, off shoulder, low cut dress. The makeup artist Akil McCoy created pink, lined lips, blushed cheeks and a detailed eye makeup to go with her look. Her beautiful eye makeup consisted of a sliver floating liner, voluminous eyelashes, a pink under eye liner and two gemstones near the edges of each eye. Along with this creative makeup, her extremely icy-blonde hair were tied into a messy up-do by the hairstylist Tyler Johnson. Two strands of her hair were left loose and were styled into loose waves that framed her face. Her hairstyle looked like a variation of the trendy Pamela Anderson Up-do.

Coco Jones

Coco Jones looked stunning in a red, sequinned off-shoulder Laquan Smith gown. For her makeup, the makeup artist Diana Shin gave Coco a subtle makeup look that included nude glossy lips, soft cheeks and eyeshadow. Along with the eyeshadow, the eye makeup consisted of a winged eyeliner and thick eyelashes that gave her a flirty look. Her hair was tied in a tousled bun by the hairstylist JStayReady. Her soft up-do added to her look’s flirty vibe by leaving out two strands of hair in the front,  styled into soft waves to frame her face.

Charlese Antoinette Jones

Charlese Antoinette Jones wore an all-white, long hooded dress. Charlese had the most creative hair and makeup look at the event. For her makeup look, the makeup artist Reginald Raphael gave her blushed cheeks, glossy brown lips and pearl accents were glued around her eyes. Her eyebrows were bleached in an icy-blonde shade. For her hair, the hairstylist created a buzz cut. Her extremely short, afro hair was coloured in shades of pastel pink colour at the top.

Chlöe Bailey

Chlöe Bailey wore a stunning black sequinned one-sleeved gown which shehe paired  with dark smokey eyes and glossy nude lips. Her sharp winged eyeshadow was accompanied by fluttery lashes. Her hair was braided into cornrows and tied into a low, voluminous pony. The ends of each braid lock were let loose, showcasing her natural curls at the ends.


JT wore a black, flowy Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture gown. With her smokey eyes, brown blushed cheeks and glossy, lined-lips which were created for JT by the makeup artist Mz. Jazz,   her look had a gothic vibe to it. Her long hair were neatly curled and tied on the top of her head with a pretty black ribbon. Her baby hair were gelled and framed her fore-head. Her magenta hair colour matched the the buttons of her gown. The hairstylist Tevin Washington designed this beautiful hair look especially for the occasion for her.

These were the best looks that we liked at the BET Awards 2023. These amazing hair and beauty looks can be used as inspirations to create something unique and creative this year.