Kevin.Murphy introduced 5 new products that will take care of all of your client’s hair needs. STIMULATE-ME.RINSE is a refreshing conditioner that helps to soothe and cool the hair and scalp. STIMULATE-ME.WASH is an invigorating shampoo featuring camphor crystals, bergamot and black pepper to awaken senses and clean hair. The MAXI.WASH is a gentle, deep cleansing shampoo that removes unwanted product build-up and provides the hair with minerals to brighten and purify it. THICK.AGAIN is a thickening lotion with citrus flavonoids, and ginger root nettle that helps to thicken hair and prevent breakage, while oleanolic acid helps to fortify and strengthen hair from the root. BALANCING.WASH is a fresh blend of botanicals that makes this the perfect daily shampoo for hair strength and vitality.