Poonthottam situated amid the green landscape of Kulakkad hill region in Kerala has become the home for Asia’s first cannabis wellness retreat. Poonthottam is a Malayalam word and it means ‘a flower garden’. This Ayurvedasram offers Asia’s first Ayurvedic Wellness retreat. Cannabis has always had medicinal properties and ancient medicinal system of India, Ayurveda made use of this plant to make medicines that treated different types of ailments. The retreat was started by the Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) alongside Poonthottam Ayurvedasram retreat (owned and run by Ayurvedacharya or Ayurvedic Physician, Vaidya P.M.S. Raveendranath and his wife Latha Raveendranath). Poonthottam offers cannabis-infused Ayurvedic treatments and food, guided yoga, tantric psychology sessions and cannabis counselling sessions. The ashram is surrounded with paddy fields, rubber and coconut plantations.