StyleSpeak curates some of the makeup and skincare products that are essential for the ‘well groomed’ man.

People today have forgotten to care for or pamper their skin. The stress of hectic urban lives have made many people overlook regular care and pampering of their skin. While both men and women struggle with this, it is possible that the former are the most negligent.
Here are some of the most effective and necessary makeup and skincare products for men that are in demand.

The Man Company’s Lip Balm

The Man Company’s Lightening Lip Balm is a super hydrating balm that is curated with a blend of Vitamin E and Liquorice Oil. They work together to protect the lips from damage and to lighten nicotine-affected lips. It also ensures effective restoration of the natural shade of the lips, enhances their texture over time, and makes them soft and plump.

Shiseido Hydrating Lotion for Men

This lightweight Hydrating lotion by Shiseido makes the skin feel fresh and protects the skin against redness, dryness, roughness, and razor burns. This lotion aids in the preservation of the skin’s optimal moisture levels. The skin is left feeling comfortable as its damage defense complex ingredients help replenish moisture and boost the skin’s barrier.

Warpaint For Men concealer

Conceal the imperfections with War Paint For Men’s cream concealer. This product helps to cover up dark circles, blemishes, razor burns,

scars, and other imperfections. It will be the perfect product to also illuminate the high points of the face. The product is formulated with ingredients like tea tree oil, which helps soothe spots while using it.

The Real Man’s Skin Tint

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Get undetectable sheer coverage with The Real Man Skin Tint. This tinted moisturiser is extremely lightweight on the skin and provides an even tone. This skin tint allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores. It also blurs pores, reduces redness, and makes the skin appear more natural.

Daimon Barber’s Fixing Pomade

Daimon Barber’s water-based hair fixing pomade has a super strong hold for extreme styling and long-lasting. This fixing pomade is made with a complex blend of hydrogenated waxes and oils. The pomade is ideal for creating high styles and managing unruly hair.

Truefitt & Hill Beard Oil

Truefitt & Hill Beard Oil is used to groom and maintain beard styles, leaving the beard soft, conditioned, and neatly styled. The oil is designed to nourish and soften the beard and the skin beneath it without leaving a greasy residue. For a refreshing feel, the natural oil blends are lightly scented.