Innovative, Professional and Effortless Stylingmade easy

LThe hair styling industry has witnessed a major transformation with the launch of the new Mr. Barber Keratin Shine Pro Straightener. This innovative straightener is designed to deliver professional results, making it an indispensable tool for stylists and beauty salons. With its exclusive features, the Mr. Barber Keratin Shine Pro Straightener promises to change the way hair is styled, making the styling process quick, easy and efficient.


Exclusive high-heating capability: This feature is ideal for keratin treatments and rebonding, as it can quickly and effectively straighten even the thickest and most unruly hair types apart from curly hair. The high temperature also makes it easier to style the hair, saving time and effort for the stylist.

LED-illuminated handle: This acts as a temperature indicator, making it easy for the stylist to monitor and control the temperature. It not only enhances the functionality of the straightener but also adds to its overall aesthetic appeal, making it look professional and stylish.

Nano-titanium technology: Powered by nano-titanium technology, this straightenerenables fast heating and efficient performance. This technology also ensures that the straightener moves smoothly through the hair, making it less likely that the hair will get tangled or break.

Lightweight: This feature makes it easy to manoeuvre and style the hair.

Extra-wide Nano-titanium floating plates: This allows for better coverage and more consistent heat distribution, making it easier to style the hair and achieve long-lasting and high-definition results. These wide plates are great for styling larger sections of hair, which takes less time and effort.

Mr. Barber Keratin Shine Pro Straightener promises to revolutionize the way hair is styled. Beauty salons and stylists can now offer their clients a new level of performance and quality, making their styling experience more efficient and enjoyable. So, don’t miss the chance to upgrade your styling game with the Mr. Barber Keratin Shine Pro Straightener.

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