K18, the breakthrough in haircare works at the root level to reverse hair damage in minutes

With a belief that true hair health starts in the salon, K-18’s molecular repair PRO service champions efficacy, simplicity, and speed for hair stylists globally.

Now the brand has set its sights on disrupting the shampoo vertical with their peptide-powered, science-focused formulas. Engineered to create the cleanest canvas for a healthy hair, the new PEPTIDE PREP™ category debuts with two minimal and effective backbar formulas: the Peptide Prep pH maintenance shampoo formulated for frequent, everyday washing and the Peptide Prep detox shampoo for a less frequent, heavy duty clean. The detox shampoo is also a first-of-its-kind formulation tackling 99% of product buildup after just one wash.

The detox shampoo


  • Color-safe clarifying shampoo
  • The patented K18PEPTIDE™ nourishes hair

    Removes buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas

  • Activated charcoal + salicylic works to unclog hair follicles
  • Eliminates dirt, oils, metals, and things left behind from heavy product buildup

This formula also combats another type of build-up, cleansing effectively in hard water to tackle common metals like nickel, cadmium, lead, zinc, iron to deliver a deeper cleanse without being harsh on the hair and scalp.

Both the PEPTIDE PREP™ formulas prep hair for maximum K18 Molecular Repair Leave-in Treatment results, powering stylists + clients in the salon and at home with their healthiest hair.

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