Define looks with the right makeup and stand out in the crowd

Dressing well is not just a need but a statement of confidence and boldness. Where a sharp and chic attire can turn heads, the right kind of makeup adds value to that statement you’re creating with every look. Here are 4 Éurope Girl makeup essentials that every office-going professional should have:

1. Deep Matte Liquid Eyeliner: “The eyes, chico, they never lie,” roars with a subtle glamorous yet professional look. A dash of eyeliner can elegantly define the eyes. Éurope Girl’s deep matte liquid eyeliner’s smudge-proof and waterproof formula ensures the eyes command attention. Elevate your office look and allows the eyes do the talking!

2. Max Volume Dramatic Lightweight Mascara: This gives lashes depth and volume in addition to giving it a wide-eyed, focused appearance. It gives the eyes an attractive appeal. Garner attention with this mascara. It is also a great confidence booster.

3. Blusher Palette: A touch of blush instantly radiates the cheeks, giving it an elegant complexion. Available in 6 different, aesthetic shades of blush to play with and with unique names such as Determined, Persistence, Confidence, Explore, Fearless & Promotion, the palette has the power to transform one’s personality with elan.

4. Lip Glass: Serena Van der Woodsen once said, “Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun,” and boy, was she right! With elegant eyes and radiant cheeks flushed, the lips can’t be ignored. Let’s make way for the trend setting beautiful lip gloss to keep the lips plump and nourished throughout the day. For regular lipstick users, it can be used over the lipstick or lip pencil as well. It’s a win-win situation, ladies!

Remember, less is more. While you can play around with your makeup, stick to subtlety being taken seriously no matter what. Choose neutral tones and shades that complement your skin tone to look your best!

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