Wellness reflects all spheres of one’s life, be it personal, social, intellectual, emotional or spiritual

It is said that beauty is not just skin deep but much more than that. It goes beyond looking and feeling good. The internal and external nourishment of mind and soul is of prime importance. This is where wellness comes into the picture and Welefull helps patrons gain wellness and beauty, which is the ideal goal to stay fit and healthy.

Wellness is not a one-day practice but a lifetime goal so that you don’t just survive but thrive on life. On the other hand, beauty enhances your overall well-being. It helps you achieve a positive outlook towards life. Beauty & Wellness together are the foundation of your confidence to achieve the best from life.

Welefull Salon focuses on beauty and wellness at the same time. It conducts personal consultation on the overall well-being and helps patrons practice healthy lifestyle in terms of eating habits. They are also guided with Welefull’s beauty services. Welefull designs pre-bridal and grooming consultations and beauty packages brilliantly to cater to different individual needs.

Welefull deals in the finest brands from the beauty industry that include Dermalogica, Skeyndor, Kenpeki, and O3.

Every individual client goes through a skin analysis session with the beauty experts to guide and provide them the facials & treatments as per their requirement for flawless results.

Shabnam, the seasoned skin expert and Head of Welefull Salon shares her wisdom, “True beauty radiates from healthy skin, nurtured by 30 years of expertise. Embrace your unique glow with care and confidence.”

Meenakshi Dutaa, Co-founder of Welefull Salon says, “What you feed your body is what your body feels and reflects. Together with a healthy lifestyle and our beauty services, we help you achieve the best version of yourself. We vouch for our services and welcome our clients to serve them once and forever.”