Yes Madam and B&WSSC have joined hands to upskill, empower, and certify 1500 beauty professionals. Earlier, about 20 of the professionals from Yes Madam, 150 from beauty and wellness affiliated brands such as Tattva Ayurveda and Blossom Kochhar were certified. Now it is in the process of expanding its reach to train and certify another 1500 professionals in the next six months. This intensive training will be managed by Yes Madam.

The program will span over a period of 15 days after which these professionals will have to pass an exam by the B&WSSC to get certified. The training will be done through the virtual medium and will be conducted by Yes Madam professionals.

According to Mayank Arya, Co-founder of Yes Madam, Yes Madam is the right choice for this kind of training as they have vast industry knowledge and expertise. They will work in tandem with B&WSSC to get the requisite certification and training attaining a global calibre.

This partnership is in alignment with B&WSSC’s Skill Gap Study ceremony that took place in March 2023 in New Delhi.