Vogue has announced its first ever Global Spa Guide. Containing a list of 100 top spas across the world, the guide aims to be a comprehensive logbook of the stellar practices in the wellness industry.

Explaining the process behind creating the compendium, the Vogue website states: “There is a lot out there in the world of wellness, and we have sorted the cryo from the cold plunge, the infrared treatment from the IV infusion. If your path is a more holistic one, there’s something for you here, as well.”

The Vogue Global Spa Guide is sorted by continent, with a majority of the top 100 spas originating from North America and Europe. Vogue editors have plans to update the list annually. “Creating this guide has taken us to some very interesting places, and raised some questions that aren’t just about buffing your skin or toning your muscles, but what makes us truly feel our best… Whatever path you chose, may it be a restful and fulfilling one. There is no wrong way to relax,” they add.

Asia contains eight out of the top 100 spas, with India receiving one mention, Dehradun’s Six Senses Vana spa. The minimum stay at the wellness retreat is five days, and all guests are asked to submit their personal health and wellness details a week in advance so that the staff can prepare for the stay. The spa boasts an endorsement by the Dalai Lama himself, as well as therapists trained from the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical And Astro Institute. Special therapies include breath work, meditation, and raga therapy, as well as custom consultations and meal plans.