With the endeavour to revolutionise hair styling, Ikonic Professional has launched the new Vibe range, designed especially for stylists, salon owners, and high-end customers.

This new range aims to break away from the traditional black coloured gadgets and will be available in new colours including teal, peach, and white. The unique feature of the Vibe Range is the use of latest technologies like AI and Infrared Technology that enables to adjust the temperature as per the hair type. This is the first time these two cutting edge technologies have been used that promise to offer optimal efficiency and minimal risk of heat damage to the hair.

Suitable for all hair types, infrared technology has many benefits for hair like  healthy and strong hair. Gadgets using this technology are effective on clean hair and, thus, reduce the requirement for additional products. The technology also saves time as it gives added shine and keeps the hairstyles for three days, even in extreme weather.

The Vibe Range uses infrared along with ceramic plates to generate negative ions, which stimulates natural oils within the hair shafts and gives lustrous looking hair. It also reduces the frizz and static in the hair and keeps the moisture intact, making the hair styles last longer.

Priced at Rs. 5,900, the Vibe Range also has additional features like 60-minute automatic shutoff that provides additional security, a 360-degree swivel chord for easy maneuverability, a side lock for easy storage and LED temperature display for control. The temperature can be adjusted between 130-230 degrees, thus making it suitable for all hair types. The range also has 1-inch floating plates and PTC heater technology. For those wanting more coverage, there is an advanced version with 1.75 inch plates costing Rs. 6,400. It is ideal for people with thicker and longer hair.