Social wellness clubs are a growing global trend, where discerning individuals are embracing self-care over cocktail hours. Unlike traditional spas, these clubs offer a higher level of holistic experience, encompassing a range of remedies, fitness amenities, and wholesome dining choices. A remarkable addition to this trend is the “Discover Collection,” an exclusive members-only wellness club nestled in the heart of Lutyens Delhi. This discreet oasis provides an escape from the city’s hustle, offering a refuge for relaxation.

Inside, you’re transported far from urban chaos, greeted by opulent marble floors, soothing lighting, and minimalistic decor that fosters a serene atmosphere. TThe club is rooted in sustainability, evident in all aspects including the interior design. J Wellness Circle, offers guests immersive experiences like spa therapies and treatments which include massages, hammam room, vitamin drips, and cryotherapy. From heated massage beds to hyperbaric oxygen therapies, it is one of the best-equipped spas the city has to offer along with healthy cuisines.

This members-only club redefines luxury wellness by catering to the desires of modern individuals who prioritise holistic well-being over conventional pastimes.