If you think that beauty pageants were over, you’re quite wrong. The new evolution of beauty pageants is here now brought to life by the artificial intelligence wave. The World AI Creator’s Awards will be sponsored by Fanvue, a subscription based platform which hosts AI models.

Registering for the World AI Creator’s Awards simply includes submitting your AI-generated model to the World AI Creator’s Award website. There is no entry fee, and users can submit an unlimited number of unique models to the competition. There are three main judging criteria: beauty, tech, and social clout. The beauty criteria is fairly simple, compared to the traditional beauty pageants. Contestants will be judged on the aesthetic beauty of their model. Though, the organizers are not only looking for a traditionally beautiful model with the conventional hourglass figure – they have stated that they are looking for a diverse range of entries, someone who can represent a contemporary version of beauty. In technology criteria, judges will be looking at how the AI technology has been utilised in the creation of the model. Lastly, in the social clout criteria, judges will be monitoring the models’ social media presence, such as their engagement with fans, rate of growth of audience, and their usage of platforms such as Instagram.

It seems only fitting that in a beauty contest for AI, the judging panel too is partly made of AI models. Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini (or perhaps the creators behind them) both set the standard for and will judge the entries to the competition. Alongside these virtual beauties, entrepreneur Andrew Bloch and beauty pageant historian Sally-Ann Fawcett will complete the judging team. Winners will receive a $5000 cash prize, plus PR support over $5000 and a mentorship programme worth over $3000. Two runner-ups will also receive competitive prizes.

This AI beauty pageant is simply the first step in the line of AI Creator’s Awards being conceptualised. Ideas for men’s competitions, fashion contests, and more are in development.