31 Mar 2022: A study by the Zero Mercury Working Group (ZMWG) has revealed that many brands selling skin brightening products have high levels of mercury which are harmful for the body.


In the study, 71 products were tested sold across more than 15 countries and over a time span of 13 months. It was discovered that 50% of the products had high levels of heavy metals at more than one part per million (ppm), which is the legal limit in the US. However, the European Union (EU) does not allow any mercury in cosmetics.


Mercury is a harmful substance for humans and can be ingested through food or the environment. It can cause damage to the nervous system and lead to nervousness, anxiety, mood changes, irritability, numbness, depression, memory issues, and physical tremors.


Many brands use mercury in beauty products as it works as a skin whitening agent and stops the production of melanin that gives colour to the skin. It also gets rid of freckles, wrinkles, freckles, and removes spots.