Studiowest by Westside has announced the launch of an exclusive makeup line, Rani, in response to the ever-changing makeup industry. Studiowest has always valued inclusivity and diversity. With the release of this new collection, the brand is once again emphasising beauty with pops of colour. The collection honours various Rani personalities, such as rule-breaking, rebel, risqué, radiant, and romantic.

The Rani collection was inspired by the GenZs. This is due to their ideological leanings, which emphasizes self-expression, individuality, and inclusiveness. They are very active and take stands for a variety of causes, challenging society’s standard norms. Rani’s fun and captivating packaging pays homage to the freethinkers of the time.

Studiowest collaborated with start-up agencies such as Whoa Mama Designs to Create intriguing packaging for this collection. This collection’s packaging is an ode to retro matchboxes in unexpected colours. They also teamed up with Vivaci Luxury as their branding and marketing agency, and both of these start-ups employ GenZ.

Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer & Beauty at Westside, stated on this occasion that they are very excited to launch their exclusive makeup range by Studiowest, Rani. He believes that this collection is for anyone who enjoys a pop of color. The launch’s idea is to break all rules in order to create new contemporary looks. He went on to say that the collaboration with Whoa Mama Designs and Vivaci Luxury was done to best depict their products with fun and engaging packaging. They also hope to work with emerging agencies and artists who primarily employ GenZ.

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