The Kult App recently got launched and is bringing innovations, hyper-personalization, and user-specific dermatologist insights into the beauty e-commerce space.

It provides a platform for the consumer to be able to buy a variety of premium beauty, skincare, and makeup products from a diverse range of international beauty brands. The brand is also trying to form various international partnerships in hopes of bringing many high-end luxury brands and products to India for the first time. It guarantees two-hour delivery within Mumbai and two days nationwide.

The Kult app was created by Karishma Singh, an investment banker turned entrepreneur, to improve the user experience and stir up the end-to-end process from discovery to delivery.

On this occasion, she comments that e-commerce must go beyond the two-dimensional experience of the transactional website and create a whole new experience for the consumer, which is when Kult was born.

The Kult app is engaging, backed by research, personalized, and offers a seamless user experience. The app displays the user’s skin compatibility score, which is calculated by analysing 100,000+ skin combinations with over 100 parameters that a team of dermatologists and cosmetic chemists feed into the data panel.

Each product offered by the app is based on a skin analysis test as well as expert dermatologist reviews. The app, which is run entirely by women, promises the ultimate personalized shopping experience. Kult now has over 200 brands on board, is available on iOS, and will be available on Android at the end of 2022.

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