03 Oct 2023

Shiseido, a Japanese beauty brand, is all set to foray into the wellness space with the launch of its brand Shiseido Beauty Wellness (SBW) in February 2024.

By 2025, it will be launched in most of the Asian markets, including China. From now on, Shiseido will work with its partner companies offering unique beauty solutions for the body, mind, and skin. It will also work on new market development, offering a new  beauty and wellness routine called  “J-Beauty Wellness” across the globe.

By 2030, Shiseido  intends to be known as a  “Personal Beauty Wellness Company” offering sustainable solutions through beauty. To achieve this, it is working with skin beauty brands and benefiting from their R&D capabilities and expertise in skincare.

SBW is a partnership of research and development for Shiseido products with distributors Tsumura and Kagome. TSUMURA is an expert on Kampo herbal medicines and Kagome is a leader in manufacturing vegetable-based products.