12 Sep 2023

Press-on nails have taken the world by storm since the global pandemic. Artificial nails have overtaken traditional nail sales for the first time and is expected to reach $160 million in 2023. As per NIQ, a market research firm, sales of artificial nails were more than lacquer polish revenue by a whopping $ 6million in Q4/2022. Even on TikTok, a popular video sharing portal,  press-on nails have seen a huge 6.9 billion views. According to Superdrug, a beauty retailer, there has been a 27% increase in sales of press-on nails as compared to two years ago with more people preferring DIY manicures.

The reason for this success is primarily accessibility. According to Hannah Thorn, Senior Brand Manager at false nail company Elegant Touch, in the last few years, false nails have emerged so strongly as they are convenient, cost-effective and offer a great alternative to nail salons. Reddit mentioned that affordability is one of the main reasons for the popularity of press-on nails that has seen a 78% annual hike.

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