13 Sep 2023

L’Occitane Group has been given the B Corporation certification, which verifies and measures the brand’s transparency, environmental performance, and accountability. Now the group is part of a global group of more than 6,900 companies that has a vision of having an equitable and regenerative world.

For the certification, L’Occitane Group had to check its impact on stakeholders, including, employees, suppliers, customers, a larger community, shareholders, and also its network of factories, supply chain, offices, and stores.

At present, the group has a presence in 90 countries with 3,000 retail outlets, including more than 1,300 own stores. In times to come, with the help of the B Corp certification, it plans to fulfil its long-term aim of having a nature-positive environment.  According to André Hoffmann, CEO of the L’Occitane Group, the certification cements the brand’s image as a responsible and successful global brand and they intend to use it to further their influence and bring about long-term positive change in the world.