Orly has launched a set of new colours under their Hopeless Romantic, Orly’s 2023 Spring collection was created for the Valentine’s season.

The collection consists of shades that have a romantic feel. Shades like shimmery blues and creamy pinks are a part of the collection. There are 6 shades in this collection, out of which, 3 shades are shimmers while the other three are crème finishes. With its beautiful colour range, the collection will make you start believing in love again.

The collection is created using the brand’s richly pigmented lacquer formula to ensure long lasting manicures without chipping. The collection is also available in Orly’s gel formula for salon quality manicures.

Orly has also introduced their One Night Stand, peel-off basecoat that easily helps the user switch between nail colours without the need of nail polish removers. This product doesn’t cause any nail damage. Created with the idea of not committing to a certain thing for too long,this product has an stickingtime of 1-2 days.

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