Disney has collaborated with Nailtopia, the bio-sourced nail lacquer brand to create the Disney x Nailtopia 100 Collection on the occasion of its 100th Anniversary. The brand has always been committed to creating a cleaner and greener environment for all. Keeping this goal in mind, the brand partnered with Nailtopia to create nail products that are sustainable. Nailotopia is the first ever nail brand to receive Disney licensing for their nail lacquers.

The Disney x Nailtopia 100 Collection consists of 8 shades of full sized lacquers and 10 shades of minis. This is a representation of their classic characters. The lacquer bottles are supposed to be collectibles with 15,000 full-sized lacquers and 18,000 mini lacquers. Each bottle has been numbered and this helps the buyer know which piece of collection they have received.

Currently, the Disney x Nailtopia 100 Collection is available for purchase on ULTA. Soon, the collection will be made available for the customers through other retailers as well.

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