OPI has launched the first-ever bond builder for nails, Repair Mode serum, priced at $24. Through this innovative technology, nails will get 99% nail keratin repair, will become four times stronger and get 94% protection from damage.

According to Natasha Parikh, OPI’s senior manager of claims & testing R&D, the protein bonds in the nails are akin to the bonds in hair and like hair, daily washing of hands can break the bonds causing damage. OPI has developed the Ulti-Plex technology that allows the product to seep into the nails and mix with nail keratin and create new bonds. It repairs the nails from within using the biomimicry of the nails’ natural keratin and restore their original condition.

The Repair Mode serum is applied on the nails 10 minutes before a nail service to prep them for the manicure. Two coats are sufficient and the excess is wiped off with alcohol. With this, the nails become stronger and natural nails are improved.

Speaking about its efficacy, Natasha notes that the product was tested in an external laboratory using industry methods from hair and skin to study its efficacy. Thereafter, they were tested on consumers, which showed that the nails became four times stronger in six days of usage with 99% repair.