Olaplex has always had a good product range of repair hair treatments, but now it is launching its first-ever dry shampoo, No. 4D. This new product is different from its counterparts as it is formulated with Bond Building Technology. It uses bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate that is the best ingredient to reseal damaged bonds and split ends. The shampoo is priced at £28 and is surely a steal for those looking for a quick hair reset.

It is great for tresses that have gone through the process of bleaching, straightening, and styling as it helps enhance the quality of the hair along with making it look good. It helps soak up all the excess oil due to its fine micro starch that comes from rice. The starch can pull out all the grease from the roots without any white, chalky remains. It also has an antioxidant seed extract that is great for the scalp. It cleanses, detoxifies, and avoids any additional build up. Above all, the shampoo gives a fine bounce to limp hair with almost a feather light texture. Just add a few pumps to the hair and watch it get the much needed volume without weighing down the hair.

Beauty experts are impressed with No. 4D as it is almost invisible and it leaves the hair clean. It also gives a perfect blow-dry effect along with ample volume and shine.