Nivea has achieved the Most Trusted Skin Care Brand in India achievement for the fourth consecutive year. This accolade was published in the Brand Trust Report by TRA and is one of India’s most prestigious recognitions for brands. It is a testament to Nivea’s excellent standing with the Indian consumer base and the success of Nivea’s long-term trust-building efforts in the country.

The Brand Trust Report surveyed influencers and consumers across sixteen Indian cities, taking a comprehensive report of their preferences and their feelings towards brands and products. They found that consumers were confident of Nivea’s commitment to excellence and quality. The survey also found Nivea’s Pearl and Beauty roll-on was the top product in the deodorants category.

Nivea believes that their customer’s belief in their core values and authenticity has been a cornerstone to the brand’s achievements and legacy. They hope to continue work towards fulfilling their customers’ needs and believe that the TRA report is a positive sign of their work paying off.

Nivea has long served the Indian market with a wide range of skin products. This includes body lotions, skin creams, sunscreens, deodorants, body washes, and its men’s grooming range. Nivea’s creams have even been touted as alternatives to high-end, luxury cream brands such as La Mer.

Nivea is owned by Beisendorf, a German company which has been recognised as one of the top one hundred companies in the world. Other brands in the Beisendorf portfolio include Hansaplast, Aquaphor, and La Pairie.