Matrix is launching a new demi permanent gel toner range called Tonal Control Pre-Bonded. With this technologically-advanced collection, stylists will be introduced to the product through a Metaverse event, which will be first of its kind. Thereafter, the range will be rolled out in professional stores and salons.

The Metaverse is a 3D virtual portal that enables participants to interact with each other in real-time with the help of computer generated elements. Matrix wants its customers and buyers to be aware of its products sans geographical boundaries and the metaverse launch helps attain it.

The event is planned for 17 April 2023 where users will be given an insight into the collection, its elaborate shade palette and techniques to use them. Users can register for the event by signing up on the Matrix on the Metaverse Eventbrite event page.

The Matrix Education Team will live stream the event that will include games, gifts, networking, and a lot more for the participants. In addition, the first 500 stylists visiting all the exposition hall’s booths will be given a free Tonal Control Kit with a Tonal Control colour brush or bottle, two tubes of Tonal Control Pre-Bonded colour, and a developer.

The new collection will have 17 predictable gel toners, more than six reflects for the best post-lightening control on all kinds of hair. It will also offer real-time visible oxidation. The formula used in the colour oxidises, so the stylists can know that the 20-minute processing time is over and the hair needs to be rinsed. The hair colour will have different colour-coded systems to show the dominant colour from that family of shades. The ultimate hair colour is sure to last six weeks, giving exact multidimensional colour tone.