16 Jan 2024

L’Oreal is all set to launch a smart hair dryer, AirLight Pro that uses wind and infra-red to dry hair, thereby using less energy. This is the first of its mainstream electronic device and is in competition with Dyson’s cutting edge hair styling products. The dryer was showcased at CES, the annual technology trade show held in Las Vegas.

This new device is a one of its kind as it uses patented infrared LightCare technology from Zuvi, a hardware startup and does not have thermal rods to generate heat. The motor pushes the air from the infrared bulbs to dry the hair and does not cause too much heat damage to the hair. The AirLight Pro leaves the hair hydrated and dries it much faster using 31% less energy. The device also has a companion app for users to customize the hair dryer needs. The pricing of the product is yet to be confirmed.

According to Nicolas Hieronimus, L’Oreal Groupe Chief Executive, L’Oreal has been around for 115 years. It has been using science and technology to innovate novel products to fulfil the needs of the consumer. The new AirLight Pro furthers their belief that technology can improve beauty performance and hair needs, and at the same time curtail its impact on the environment – which is the brand’s main goal.