L’Oréal Paris is among the few brands who promote their latest product, through influencers. Their latest launch, the Age Perfect Rosy Oil-Serum was launched via  influencers aged between 45 – 84 years. Creating this ad campaign with influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy, is targeting markets in the Nordics, including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

The campaign was launched at the end of 2022 through Instagram reels, story sets, and images. The campaign has close-up shots of the creators with voice overs that have self-affirming “love letters” of the influencers written to themselves and their skin.

Among the creators are a 65-year old blogger and model, Susanne Histrup and Finnish businesswoman and author, Merja Mähkä.

According to Gabriella Ostrenius, Nordic social brand lead at L’Oréal Paris, most anti-aging brands promote older women trying to get rid of their wrinkles and other age-related skin issues. However, through this Rosy Oil-Serum campaign, the brand wants to celebrate aging, and encourage self-love, positivity, and confidence amongst older women. It is aligned with L’Oréal’s “age-inclusive” brand value.