L’Oréal Paris hosted a global summit called ‘The Other Side’ with leading veteran experts – Elisabeth Bouhadana – Global Scientific Director, L’Oréal Paris, Dr. Opehlia Veraitch – Official Dermatologist for L’Oréal Paris India and L’Oréal Paris UK and L’Oréal Paris international board of dermatologists. The motto of the event was to educate and familiarise the consumers on the science behind the products and give them an insight into ‘The Other Side’ of the brand’s story.

The experts threw light on the in-depth research carried out by their scientific teams. They further explained how the understanding of skin biology helped dermatologists develop formulas based on gold-standard skin actives which undergo a stringent assessment by a team of safety experts.

The attendees also got an insight into the safety protocols taken by L’Oréal Paris, the superior science of key actives and sustainability aspect of the brand and smooth digital consumer experience and service.