21 Nov 2023

L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty launched CeraVe in India and hosted a scientific event in Mumbai along with important dermatologists and experts to support the launch of the brand.

The event was called ’Skin Barrier Science – A Dermatological Summit’ and had the stalwarts from the industry discuss their experience and research. Dr. Namita Misra, Head, Omics Teams for Exposome Advanced Research, L’Oréal France spoke about the science and research into making CeraVe products in India and abroad. Dr. Shah, a renowned US-based dermatologist, gave a masterclass on how to reduce the gap between dermatologists and consumers on social media. Dr. Giuseppe Micali, a leading global dermatologist from Italy, highlighted the significance of Skin Barrier Science and the importance of  Ceramides in enhancing skin quality and restoring the skin barrier. Dr. Neena Khanna, Head of the Dermatology Department AIIMS, Delhi, shared the results of a local clinical trials to show the efficacy of CeraVe on Indian skin. The panel discussion helped understand skin conditions in India and the role of ceramides to improve skin quality.

CeraVe, is a skincare brand that has developed a skincare formula based on three “Essential Ceramides” that protect and boost the skin’s natural barrier. It has a wide range of products including, moisturizers, and special treatments with clinically approved solutions for different skin issues. The products are available at medical stores, dermatology clinics, Nykaa, and e-pharmacies.