30 Jan 2024

Kaya Skin Clinic has introduced three anti-dandruff products to its range that aim to target the main cause of dandruff and give healthy and luscious locks.

Priced at Rs. 699, the Kaya Resolvist Scalp Tonic is a scientifically formulated water-based anti-dandruff tonic that offers nourishment to the roots. It is loaded with Sea Scalp, Aloe vera, allantoin, Ichthyol Pale, Salicylic Acid, and Panthenol that gently exfoliates the scalp, removes dandruff causing fungi, and offers hydration to reduce itching. This non-sticky formula improves scalp health and soothes scalp irritation.

Kaya Resolvist Shampoo is the second product in the range that helps fight moderate to severe dandruff. It has Zinc Pyrithione known for its anti-fungal properties. It specifically targets the Malassezia yeast that promotes dandruff. Piroctone Olamine reduces sebum production and prevents dandruff formation, while the Dandelix PRO, which is a botanical extract, has soothing agents that reduce itchiness and enhance the overall scalp health. This dye free, paraben free, and mineral oil free product is priced at Rs. 899.

To complete the dandruff treatment, Kaya has come up with Kaya Resolvist Hair spray, which is a leave-in spray. It has Aloe Vera (10%), Biomarine active Seascalp (3%), and Witch Hazel Extract (1%) that reduce flaking and itching, and at the same time maintain scalp health. It offers enough hydration and moisturisation to the strands, keeping them shiny and smooth. This silicon free and non-greasy formula is priced at Rs 699.