Moroccanoil, renowned for its commitment towards luxurious hair care, unveils its latest innovation – the Color Care Range comprising of Color Care Shampoo and a Color Care Conditioner that is formulated to safeguard and enhance the vibrancy of colored hair.

Moroccanoil’s Color Care Shampoo is tailored specifically for coloured hair. Engineered to shield against the harmful effects of sunlight, it forms a protective barrier to prevent colour loss and damage. The Argan oil penetrates the hair’s cortex, infusing it with much-needed moisture. The result is a luxurious and reparative experience, offering not just cleansing but a holistic treatment that leaves hair resilient, vibrant, and healthy.

To complement the Color Care Shampoo, the Moroccanoil Color Care Conditioner is enriched with the goodness of Argan oil. It works in tandem with the shampoo to deeply nourish and repair and addresses the core needs of colored hair. With every application, the Color Care Conditioner not only enhances moisture retention but also promotes the long-lasting vibrancy of colored hair.

The new Color Care Range by Moroccanoil acts as a defense mechanism, creating an invisible shield, protecting hair from the daily onslaught of environmental stressors that contribute to colour loss. The Polyphenol-rich extract further fortifies keratin, ensuring a robust defense against the impact of external aggressors.

The new Color Care range is available at leading salons across India. The shampoo and conditioner is each priced at Rs. 2,340 for 250ml and Rs. 1,260 for 70ml.