Kapils Salon & Academy, a leading personal care brand was chosen as the hair partner for Hair For Hope (Bal Bacchon Ke Liye), an event by Deutsche Bank, India. As part of the event, CanKids KidsCan and The National Society for Change for Childhood Cancer hosted an event in Mumbai and Pune on 16th June 2023. Also, some workers of Deutsche Bank shaved their heads to raise money for cancer patient’s medical care.

Every year, the bank hosts an event called Hair For Hope (Bal Bacchon Ke Liye) to raise money and awareness about children suffering from cancer. This year, Kapils Salon & Academy was chosen as the hair partner. It offered its skilled professionals and ensured the smooth running of the event. It also helped the donating workers of Deutsche Bank in their symbolic head shaving process.

Kapil Sharma, Founder of Kapils Salon & Academy considered it fortunate to be a part of such a prestigious event to help cancer patients.


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