02 Apr 2024

K18, a leading haircare brand, has launched Airwash Dry shampoo using patented odorBIND smart release biotechnology. Priced at $48, the new shampoo claims to give users healthy hair and keep odour and dirt at bay for 3 days, 6 hours and 20 minutes. The innovative product was released on 26th March.

Dry shampoos are trending today as they absorb grease, dirt and oil from the scalp without wahing your hair. K18 has worked on this advantage and released its Airwash Dry shampoo that removes excess oil and also gives volume to the hair, while its unique molecular formula gets rid of hair odour too.

Its odorBIND technology uses a non-aerosol formula that gives excellent results without a strong fragrance, white cast, and a starchy buildup. The product also has translucent mineral microbeads that absorb any additional oil without having an excess buildup or making the hair dry and brittle. Its biotech-derived Mediterranean microalgae improves scalp health and makes hair look and feel good.