JCB Salon recently launched Skeyndor’s Probiome Peels at their flagship Bandra salon in the presence of Margaret Beales, Skeyndor’s International Trainer and Sheh Koticha Contractor, Director of JCB Salons. Skeyndor’s exclusive range of Probiome peels aims to care, restore and rehydrate the microbiome of the skin post the peel treatment.

The Probiome peels uses advanced technology, to offer a safe treatment suitable for all skin types. These peels come in 5 variants to resolve different skin problems, namely the Probiome Peel for sensitive skin that helps in soothing sensitive skin. Similarly, the Lightening Peel takes care of pigmentation problems. Another Probiome Peel that has garnered popularity after Covid is the Brightening peel that works well on dull skin. The Pore Polishing Peel helps to reduce the pore size and calm the sebaceous glands. Further, the Age Smoothing Peel is recommended for mature skin. Skeyndor’s peels will benefit the skin immensely, enhancing the appearance of the skin with an instant glow and a lightening effect. The Probiome Peels are also extremely effective as they prevent skin from aging faster.