19 Feb 2024

After the pandemic, the demand for supplements to support holistic wellbeing has taken an upswing since consumers focus on good overall health – not just good skin. There has been an increase in consumptions of nutraceuticals for skin as the awareness about how oral supplements backed by scientific research is pertinent in skin care. This has led to a higher demand for beauty supplements. The main ingredients in these supplements are hyaluronic acid, ceramides, biotin, vitamins, minerals, and peptides –  all beneficial for skin improving elasticity and hydration along with collagen production, and fighting ageing.

According to Dr. Pallavi Sule, a Mumbai-based dermatologist and aesthetic physician, this trend of ingestible beauty products is mainly because consumers are now looking at a holistic approach towards health and beauty. The stressful and polluted environment that people live in reduces cellular repair and growth. Thus, having a good quantity of antioxidants will help absorb free radicals and also boost overall health and ageing.

Shreyansh Chauhan, Founder and CEO of Beautywise adds that ingestible supplements provide enough nutrients to cells through circulation and hence, the body can absorb them better, resulting in their efficacy. They also fight skin issues like scars, pigmentation, and ageing. However, they cannot replace topical products. Both have a separate role to play. Topical products work on the surface of the skin, while the supplements work from within.

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