Neon, radioactive, and fluorescent are just some of the words which have been used to describe Hailey Bieber’s recent Coachella nails. The American model and socialite was previously known for her viral donut nails trend, dripping sweet sugary delight all the way to her fingertips. Now, her alien-inspired nails are setting trends once again, giving a brand new meaning to the phrase “green fingers”.

Style and beauty are always primary focuses at Coachella, where celebrities and influencers gather every year like bees to honey. Eclectic fashion statements inspired by Asian traditions and hippie culture have always dominated this cultural phenomenon, perhaps glow-in-the-dark, interstellar themes will be the next big trend hitting the famed music festival.

Bieber’s nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, is an ambassador for nail polish brand OPI, so it is rumoured that Bieber’s glowing manicure is a result of one of their formulas. Internet sleuths have devolved into hunting down the exact shade, but no conclusive answers can be found. Meanwhile, green nail polishes and glow-in-the-dark dipping powders exist aplenty on the market. Pair the two with a traditional almond-shaped shape to recreate Bieber’s manicure.

This bold nail style is perhaps out of character for Hailey Bieber because of her preference for sleek, minimal makeup and nail styles. In terms of makeup, she is a pioneer and stalwart for the clean beauty trend, excelling at the slicked-back hair and feathery natural brows fundamental to the look. Meanwhile, her last viral nail trend, glazed donut nails, included a glittery pink nail suitable for both everyday looks and the red carpet. Other celebrities, including singer Sabrina Carpenter, were soon to follow with their renditions of donut nails.

From glazed donut nails to green goddess manicures, it seems that Hailey Bieber simply cannot miss when it comes to her nail styles. Together with Zola Ganzorigt, the Rhode Beauty founder deserves all the attention as the nail colour and style influencer that she is.