16 Jan 2024

According to the global trend wellness report, 2024 will see people focusing on healthier lives and longevity. It will include more than just outwardly appearance and exercise. The wellness travel market is expected to touch $1.3 trillion by 2025, which will have a huge impact on the future of global well-being and its economic impact. A World Tourism Association study spanning 48 countries showed that more than 24% of people are likely to go on a wellness holiday in the coming two years, with 78% of them focusing on wellness activities during these trips.

Rishad Sharifov, General Manager, Chenot Palace Gabala believes that in 2024 people will focus more on individual health. The aim is to bring consistency in wellness, be it travel, daily routine or trends.

One of the main trends is holistic holidays where luxury and health-focused activities blend, offering a comprehensive journey towards attaining better health. Another trend to be seen in 2024 is personalized wellness with special programmes such as 3-day detox and more. The idea is to look at the specific needs of the people and curate a unique wellness treatment.

There has been an upswing in the longevity trend too, that promotes a healthy and long life using holistic approaches, preventive solutions, and altering lifestyle choices for well-being. It has health assessments, customised nutrition, and mindful living. It includes curating proactive solutions for keeping healthy. Scientific solutions are key to having proactive wellness where technology, innovation, and precision medicines are the main forces behind the trend.

Customised nutrition will also be in trend in 2024. It will be based on nutritional value, calorie density, and preparation methods to rebalance and purify the body.