Beyonce’s latest Cowboy Carter album might have blown us away with her tunes, but her fashion and beauty game has been a veritable thunderstorm of unique, Americana-inspired looks. Embodying the creative juices of nail artist Miho Okawara, the nails match perfectly with her recent cowboy-inspired style change. The global phenomenon debuted her American-flag inspired French tips via social media, instantly becoming a social media trend.

The nail design consists of a French tip style with a clear base. Where a traditional French tip has a creamy white layer at the tips, Beyonce’s cowboy mania has turned this into a tiny, intricate version of the American flag, complete with a star-spangled blue half and red and white stripes. This is quite clear reference to the album cover of Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album, which portrays her astride her steed, wielding the American flag.

This red, white, and royal blue themed manicure is not Beyonce’s only thematic nail look this cowboy carter season. Just last month, the artist showed off her Western-inspired turquoise manicure. Again inspired by the classic French tip, this look was star-studded with small silver rhinestones along the tip. This was accompanied by a larger turquoise decal, a colour and shape often associated with the American West. Okawara referred to the style as “Texan French”, a homage to Beyonce’s own Texan upbringing.

Beyonce’s thematic manicures have always been a delight. During Christmas last year, she featured Santa on her nails, while during the tour for her album Renaissance, she impressed with a shiny, chrome finish on her nails. There is no doubt that along with her new music releases, the world eagerly looks forwards to her fresh manicures.