25 Oct 2023

Elegantia –  a luxury salon, has opened its second branch in Rajouri Garden in New Delhi. The salon has a wide range of services, including skin, hair, and makeup. It offers specialized treatments such as advanced botox treatment, nanoplastia treatment, cysteine treatment, taninoplastia treatment, scalp treatment, and more.

Elegantia is renowned for using original products and having high standards of hygiene. It has a team of 25 professionals who not only have technical prowess, but also excellent soft skills, ensuring impeccable service.

According to Mayank Sahai, Founder of Elegantia, the salon boasts of a dedicated team of experts, cutting-edge technology, and premium products, all of which help them offer a unique set of services to their clients. Now with the opening of the second branch in Rajouri Garden, the salon will be able to serve more customers in the area.