Colourpop’s creative makeup lines are a tale as old as time! A Beauty and the Beast inspired makeup launch is next in the line of Colourpop’s exciting collaborations. Featuring an eyeshadow palette, two pressed blushes, a lipstick, two lip duos, a highlighter, and a lip mask, this collection is sure to impress.

This stunning release comes themed in colours of yellow, for Belle’s intricate yellow ballgown, and red, for the iconic red rose in the film. The two lip duos come in a blush pink and a warm taupe, both embossed with roses in and in yellow packaging. Meanwhile, the pressed blushes come themed around the characters of Mrs. Potts and Chip from the film, featuring them on the packaging. Meanwhile, the flammable Lumiere and his constant comedic companion Cogsworth are the inspiration behind the Super Shock Highlighter. The lip mask, on the other hand, might be the prettiest item of the launch, coming in a small pot topped with a lovely rose lid. Lastly, the eyeshadow palette features 12 shades in shimmers, mattes, and neutrals inspired by Belle’s and the Beast’s outfits during their iconic ballroom dance sequence.

This is not the first time Colourpop has challenged itself to release a creative spin on a pop culture phenomenon. Their previous Harry Potter, Twilight, Naruto and Star Wars collections have been immensely popular, both for their creative inspirations and their standout product quality. Colourpop has also been known to collaborate with YouTubers to launch their own lines of products based on their brands and videos. Their affordable, but quality products have always been an asset to their reputation and brand.

Colourpop’s newest Beauty and the Beast collection can be purchased on the Colourpop website from 19th April onwards.