03 Oct 2023

Skincare is seeing a huge expansion all over the world, but the Gen Z (consumers between 18 and 24 years) are showing a keen interest in collagen-focused content with 438 million views on TikTok in the US, a 3-year high.

According to a study on TikTok Trend Discovery data, 43% of such content is being viewed by Gen Z, 35% of viewers were in the age bracket of 25-34-years, while 24% were above 35 years. The data also suggests that the Gen Z users in the US are the most obsessed with collagen generation, especially as compared to three years ago.

The trending TikTok videos in the US featuring collagen content include #collagen and are about collagen-based hair masks, face masks, supplements and also bone marrow eating. Most of the videos show content on skin, hair, and health gains from taking collagen products.