After trying out this new trend, all you could say is, ‘utterly butterly delicious”! Selena Gomez’s nail artist Tom Bachik has sparked off a brand new nail trend after posting about Selena’s butter-yellow manicure. The pale yellow colour is perhaps incongruent with the usual summer trends, but that has not stopped it from becoming one of the most wanted manicure shades this season. In fact, after Selena’s nails went viral, butter nails became the second most searched trend of the last month, according to Google Trends, seeing a 140% spike in searches.

Butter nails strikes the perfect middle between vibrant banana-neon-yellow shades and creamy whites. While the colour can work on any shape of nails, Selena has paired it with a classic rounded almond shape and simply layered it with a glossy topper. Simplicity is key in this minimalistic manicure, and its shiny finish makes any nail additional nail art unnecessary. Some who wish to brandish a more muted version of this trend also opt for butter yellow French tips paired with a nude base. The butter nail trend is minimalist, but definitely a lovely pop of colour to welcome the summer.

Butter nails seem to be out of style when compared to the trends which have been seen in fashion and makeup in teenage popular culture. For now, celebrities and influencers alike are trending towards a more maximalist, peppy colour and design scheme, such as the Barbie trend and the mob wife craze. Butter nails seems to lie more within the clean girl fashion look which took the Internet by storm last year, preferring minimalist designs and patterns. Butter nails may also reference runway fashion collections this year, such as in Burberry and Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2024 showcases. The colour has also made a statement on the red carpet during awards season. It seems that butter yellow is here to stay, becoming another microtrend of the season.