Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, who has worked with celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, is collaborating with imPRESS to promote their newest nail products. imPRESS, which prides itself on its no-glue press-on nails, has recently unveiled their matching Mani/Pedi collection. They focus on allowing customers to recreate salon-like results at home.

It is no surprise that imPRESS has chosen Tom Bachik as their brand ambassador, especially since he has collaborated with them before to come out with his own lines and designs of press-on nails in 2022 and 2023. The manicurist has also previously complimented imPRESS’ press-on nails in the past, claiming that they were simultaneously versatile and easy to use.

“Exciting news! I’m officially the new brand ambassador for one of my favorite, easy to use, products…imPRESS beauty! I love imPRESSbeauty no glue manis because it allows anyone to get a pro level mani in minutes. All you have to do is peel, press and go. Their patented Super Hold Adhesive is strong enough for up to 7-day Wear. It truly doesn’t get better than that,” says Tom Bachik on his Instagram.

imPRESS prides itself on its new press and go technology, allowing an easy and coordinated mani and pedi right at home. The brand has also released their magnetic, mirror powder, and chrome/multi-glitter effects which replicate salon-like effects right at home.