American nail care brand essie has launched their Nail Art Studio line, embracing and encouraging creativity and self-expression through beauty and nail art. Featuring special effects polishes and jelly glosses, the line hopes to promote fun and experimentation in nail art. Essie ensures that all its products are vegan and no animal testing takes place in their company. The formula also contains no formaldehyde.

The essie Nail Art Studio line features two distinct product lines: the special effect polishes and the jelly glosses. The special effect polishes contain holographic, chrome, duochrome flips, pixel pearls and other bright manicure effects to add dimension to any nail look. These polishes can be worn alone, layered, paired, or over any other colour, making them versatile for experimentation. This line contains polishes such as Gilded Galaxy, Ethereal Escape, Divine Dimension, and Lustrous Luxury.

Meanwhile, the jelly polishes provide a sheer, yet buildable gloss finish which can be layered for a more intense look. A single layer could look like a juicy glaze, while building up layers could provide more coverage. Arctic jelly, apricot jelly, and buttercup jelly gloss are just some of the fun options available in this line of products.

The nail art studio line debuted on TikTok Shop, being the brand’s first use of the app’s shopping function. essie’s nail art studio line will also be seen at RuPaul’s DragCon LA, matching the energy of self-expression and artistic creativity.